Starbury’s Sneakers Will Flop

Stephon Marbury’s discount designer sneakers will be an example of good will defeated by societal inhibitions.

Last week, the Knickerbocker launched a clothing line which features his new signature sneaker, the Starbury One. The sneakers, which don’t seem dissimilar to other basketball shoes, will be sold for just $14.98. He claims that his line, despite the cost, will be just as fashionable and durable as the more expensive name brands and even promised to play in them throughout the NBA season.

Marbury, who is from Coney Island, sees the low-cost clothing as a way of giving back to underprivileged inner-city youth. His web site bears a mission statement which reads, “We created Starbury so you can stay fly and still stay on budget. It’s about maximum shine for minimum expense…You feel me?”

Good intentions and the sneakers don’t look bad either. For that he should be lauded. Oh, bless his soul and his soles…even if they’re sewn by kids in Seoul (sorry, I couldn‘t help it). The only problem is that, for several reasons, his gear won’t sell.

Air Jordan sneakers, many of which cost in excess of $180, bring in over $500 million in annual sales for Nike. And it’s not because Jordans are that unique or more durable or look that much better than other shoes. There have been some ugly ones over the years. But Michael Jordan is a social icon and his name is synonymous with greatness and athletic supremacy. He’s so beloved that even when it was found out that his sneakers were manufactured in Asian sweatshops, his image remained unblemished and his sales undiminished.

A big part of the reason why so many people are willing to plop down close to $200 for sneakers is the cost itself. It’s a status statement. Like gaudy jewelry, a pair of expensive shoes says that the wearer is able to spend that much on exclusive footwear. That’s the idea, and “flossin’” has become so entrenched in urban mentality that it’s almost a necessity, even if it’s fiscally irresponsible.

The chorus of the Big Tymers’ song “Still Fly” comes to mind. “I can’t pay my rent, ’cause all my money’s spent. But that’s OK, ’cause I’m still fly.”

It’s the same reason why Payless shoes aren’t “the shit” among Marbury’s target demographic. In fact, the Starbury One will actually go for cheaper than most adult basketball shoes in Payless.

I’d be more optimistic about his business venture if the shoes were being sold for $50. From the perspective of most inner-city youngsters, you can’t stay fly in pair of kicks that cost less than your grandfather’s house sandals.

Also, part of what pushes products is the popularity and marketability of the figurehead. And that usually means appeal that transcends most, if not all boundaries. Marbury isn’t popular enough to pull it off. He’s not idolized enough. Not throughout the world, not in the United States, and not even in his hometown. Over the last two years, he‘s even drawn the ire of Knicks fans. Last season, his worst as a professional, he feuded with the head coach and became the face of a team that won just 28-percent of its games. His likeability is at an all-time low. Based on recent fan polls, Starbury isn’t even as well-liked as his diminutive backup, Nate Robinson.

He doesn’t have the selling power of some of the more famous NBA stars. He’s not LeBron James. He’s not Kobe Bryant. He’s not Allen Iverson. He’s not even Gilbert Arenas. Shaquille O’Neal is one of the biggest celebrities in the world and even his sneakers — available at Payless — don’t sell much.

Marbury’s previous sneaker line, released under And1 and sold for upwards of $80, didn’t do that well and the company no longer endorses him. Their dropping him is what spawned this idea.

Add to all that, Starbury apparel won’t be available at most athletic apparel stores. Not Foot Locker, Foot Action or even Modell’s. His products will be sold exclusively at Steve & Barry’s stores, few of which are actually in New York City.

It’s funny, but I think the Knicks 2006-2007 campaign has a better chance of being successful than his “movement.” Unfortunately, not enough people will be feeling him.


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  1. Lucky on

    Those kicks look like complete garbage. If the Knicks make the playoffs, I will buy you a pair.

    Also, I heard that Marbury didn’t pay the Cyclones for an ad of him down the left field line and got pissed because he said “one of his peoples” would take care of it. The word around Cyclone press box is that Steph is – you guessed it – an a-hole.

  2. Stephen on

    Complete garbage? Sucka, please. They look a lot better than some of the top sellers. And if you check the web site, he’s got a pair of all-whites that look good. If they sold ’em anywhere near here, I’d take some “Err Force Ones” money and get me 4 perrr of those. Even if they aren’t durable, you could just replace them easily. Stompin’ in my Starbury Ones. I’d wear them just to be “that guy” wearing them. And to show that I support Marbury. 20 & 8…stop hatin’.

    There’s no way Marbury gipped them on purpose. He’s got a max contract. He’s got that “drop $100,000 and forget what you bought” money. And the last thing he’d need is bad press. His peoples must not have come through. The Cyclones people must’ve been breaking his balls and disrespecting him, as if they thought he knowingly cheated them. …IT’S BECAUSE HE’S BLACK!

    I’ve heard that he’s a good guy and is very generous. Yeah, press box talk. Said he gives c-notes to the homeless and is cordial in person.

    Word around the Cyclones press box is that your boss is an a-hole. But shhh – that’s not for here.

  3. Lucky on

    Hey, where’s the entry about Jarrod Jeffries? We going to the finals baby!

    Those shoes were probably made in some sweatshop in Taiwan. But so were my Jordan’s. You make a good point, Marbury’s shoes aren’t go to sell if their sold in White Plains, they need to be sold in the BX and the Bk…since he’s the “hood” chosen one. (even though he’s not even a good street balla and is an overrated NBA point guard, but that’s besides the point)

    From what I heard, no one made a big deal about it, but it was embarassing for the Cyclones. You should have seen, it was Steph standing in his Knick uni looking all hard.

  4. Stephen on

    I’m gonna do a Knicks post eventually. But the urge has to hit me and I have to think I’ve got something worth saying to say. Just like I felt I should’ve done something on the Yankees after the sweep. But I don’t feel there’s anything fresh I could’ve written and I don’t want to sing their praises too much since I’ve got them losing in the first round (a prediction I made in May of 2005). I don’t have deadlines here so it’s OK.

    Jeffries might get a post AND a mention in the paper from me the first time he tops 5 points or pulls down more than 5 rebounds.

    They should be sold in every borough that has a sporting goods store. What, Foot Locker didn’t want in? Although, that is possible. “Man, you must be out your damn mind! What would we look like sellin’ $15 shoes? Deliver them mock-asins to K-Mart.”

    If he ain’t a good street baller, why was he on the cover of NBA Ballers last year? On the cover with a big chain, in all his splendor. Just because Jamal Tinsley clowned him at Rucker one time…

    How is he overrated when most people hate on him like you do? He’s actually underrated. You’d think that averaging 20 points and 8 assists (That from a “ballhog.” He can’t pass the ball to himself) would earn the man a little respect. You people would’ve said that Tyronn Lue is better than Oscar Robertson because he’s got more rings.

  5. Lucky on

    “I said get me two pears, I need two pears….”

    What they sign Jeffries to? 10 years, 800 million dollars? I tell you what, give that money to me. I’ll be more productive and arrive on practice ONLY 20 minutes late.
    It’s fitting they gave him Allan Houston’s number.

    This is going through minds at the suits at Foot Locker. “Marbury’s shoes, or the new LeBron’s? Marbury or them ugly ass Adidas T-Mac’s. Shit, we can’t make money off this fool.” Wasn’t Steph with And1? I forgot.

    Kidd doesn’t have a ring, Nash doesn’t have one. Their still better players than Marbury. I’ll get into it when you make your “I heart Starbury” entry, but his critics realize that you don’t win a title on your own. Last point guard is either Magic or Isiah. It’s that he doesn’t make people around him better, nor does he cares to. I’ll stop right here because this will never be settled unless Marbury wins a title or he gets caught with three hookers who end up being dudes which ends his career.

  6. SJH on

    Hey, Allan Houston was good for this team. In fact, Houston in his prime (the 2000-2003 scorer) would be perfect for this team right. They still have no consistent shooters.

    Yeah, And1 dropped him. That’s what led to this. I read that And1 is now focussed on signing street ballers and kids right out of high school.

    OK, so if the critics realize that, then I should never hear anything like, “But what was he won?” The last point guard to be the best player on a championship team was Isiah. And even then, he had a great supporting cast with Dumars, Mark Aguirre, Vinnie Johnson, Mahorn, Laimbeeer and pre-freak Rodman. Magic, greatest passer ever, had Kareem, Jamaal Wilkes, Norm Nixon, Bob McAdoo, James Worthy, Byron Scott.

    1. Who them 8 assists per game going to? He can’t pass to himself. He’s ASSISTING teammates. Marbury ranks 8th all-time in assists per game. Gary Payton, who I’m sure you’d consider a better “maker-better team player” than him, ranks 24th. Steve Nash is 19th. Doesn’t assist mean help? So isn’t he helping to make them better 8x per game?

    2. Wasn’t he doing wonders for Van Horn and Doleac with the Knicks? Maybe he just works best with shooters. It ain’t his fault Eddy Curry doesn’t have a jumper. And it ain’t his fault Isiah traded everyone off.

    3. It ain’t his fault Jerome James likes to get pissy-drunk before practice. He can’t haul Eddy Curry out of McDonald’s. He can’t make Quinten Richardson hit wide open jumpshots. He can’t make Malik Rose not turn the ball over or stop sucking.

    4. What ever happened to a professional athlete being responsible for himself. Why can’t they work hard and make themselves better?

    5. If Marbury was on a better team and won, doing the same numbers he normally does, you’d see the media putting on lip gloss to kiss his ass. “Oh, what a great player he is!” As if he changed or is any better than he was when his team won 33 games. They said some of the same shit about Jordan early in his career when he wasn’t winning. But then the team gets better players (including Pippen and Kukoc) and all of a sudden, Michael learned how to make his teammates better. No, he just got teammates more capable of getting shit done. It wasn’t his fault in ’85 that Dave Corzine sucked.

  7. the professa on

    Hard to take you seriously when your article is full of factual errors: there’s a Steve & Barry’s in the middle of Manhattan at that mall by the Garden in Herald Sq.

  8. Debra on

    I think thats the best thing anyone has ever done…God bless that young man for looking out for the not so rich…I only wish hed had them out $20gees earlier…Thats what Ive spent in sneakers for my children over the past 20 years!!

  9. LMG-Cooper Park Houses on

    Everyone wants to hate on the man, so what his kicks cost 15 bucks there as durable as jordons and Ive had my share. The man just trying to give back to the community more power
    those kicks are the next best thing to CONVERSE & PRO KEDS and that’s coming from an O.G. from BK

  10. Kevin on

    I see why your profile calls you an “aspiring” journalist, and not an actual one – Marbury’s shoes have sold out at all Steve & Barrys. It is impossible to get a pair at this point, and there is a likit of of two pairs per person when they are bought.

    I think Marbury’s cause is very admirable. Steve & Barrys is an up-and-coming clothing store that all college students have heard of. I wasn’t a fan of Marbury, but after he came out with his shoe, I am now.

    As for you, I suggest working on your writing a bit more, or you’re going to be an “aspiring’ journalist for a very, very long time.

  11. SJH on

    Thanks for reading it.

    Aspiring because I’m still a student. This blog isn’t me reporting on anything. I wouldn’t even consider it journalism. Just one person posting his thoughts.

    You using the shoe sales against me in that way is psychic hindsight. I didn’t post this after the fact. The entry was written when the shoes first came out and I gave my opinion.

    I am and have been a fan of Marbury, and I liked the idea. I just didn’t think it would do well. If you’re right about the sales, then I’m happy that consumers are proving me wrong.

    I do need to work on my writing and I’m more critical of myself than anyone. But that’s why I’m a student and that’s why I’m “aspiring.” Hopefully it won’t too long though. 

    Hate to burst your bubble, but your post didn’t hurt my feelings, Kevin.

  12. Anon on

    “… His products will be sold exclusively at Steve & Barry’s stores, none of which are actually in New York City….”

    Um… There’s a Steve and Barry’s in Manhattan Mall @ Herald Square, possibly the shopping central of New York City.

    Please do some research before embarassing yourself with these kind of errors…

  13. SJH on

    Anon, read comment No. 7. That was already mentioned – although I replied to the person via e-mail and not on here. What I told him is that I went to the Steve & Barry’s website and they didn’t have a Manhattan listing. My fault for not knowing, but some (lil’ bit) research was done. I editted that line, too. I used “few” instead of “none.” Didn’t feel right about going back and changing it, but…

    And I don’t embarass easily so that’s not a concern.

    btw – (1) How come this is the only topic drawing responses? I’m glad there’s people reading it, but dammit, spot some mistakes in the other posts. (2) Not that this is, but just to put it out: shit-talk and hate mail is welcomed. I just ask that you be original and make it worth the read.

  14. Nick on

    Why is everyone hating?

    hes doing a good thing, selling shoes for cheap.
    im a 15 year old kid. Instead of saving for 6 months for a new pair of J.O’s to hoop in, i can go to the local steve and barneys *super mall in aurburn WA* and pick me up some fresh, reliable Starburys.

    There great shoes, for a great price.

    so what if they are marburys shoes, does that really matter?
    so shut up and souport him.


  15. SJH on

    I agree with you. But this entry is pretty old. I made it just when the shoes were released and I was thinking that they wouldn’t be popular. I haven’t seen the numbers, but I’ve heard it’s doing well. I’m happy about that. Quality sneakers (I suppose they are) for $15 is great. And I’m a Marbury fan, so, you know what it is.

    I’m glad consumers have proven me wrong.

    And thanks for the comment. Stay up, man.

  16. D.Webb on

    GOD Bless you Steph to understand the gift of giving is to understand GOD. I understand how it feels to not have & it does’nt feel good at all, seeing others with when you can’t afford better. But there is a GOD & he’s working through Steph to Bless the less fortunate. GOD gave the greatest gift of all when he gave his son JESUS CHRIST. Starbury’s and the clothing line are truly a BLESSING from GOD through Stephon Marbury GOD Bless you bro.

  17. Pat on

    Wow, Stephon and God numerous times in the same paragraph, talk about an oxymoron.

  18. […] our shoe. The Chicago Sports Review hits all the main points in this article. And I wonder if this guy still stands by his thoughts last year: A big part of the reason why so many people are willing to plop down close to $200 for sneakers is […]

  19. taylor on

    ur all a bunch a haters

    i go to garfield high school in seattle wa and i ve seen ton s of kids rockin em. i also think marbury is doing a good thing and all u should shut the fuck up . i respect him for what he s doing and u should too

  20. Vic on

    I just heard about this shoe brand and I’m looking for 3 pair! Take that Haters. Stop following the masses like blind mindless attention starved fiends!

    Seriously, stop and think for a minute. The money you save by purchasing a good looking shoe, (I’ll update you on the wear, when a get a pair),and saving money ..or have the option of buying the outfit to go with. It’s not about prestige, its about priorities and common sense. Be smart and do something smart for a change. Support a sensible product produced by a sensible person.

    Who knows, maybe the baller can save money on the sneakers to upgrade their “grilz”….

  21. big bens fan on

    These shoes r good but they wont sell much because there not over priced. people care more about valuethan quality.

  22. allen on

    wowww…these shoes are hott…..i have all the pairs in all colors…im also getting all the pairs of the new ones 2

  23. Karla Snipes on

    I see that whoever wrote this article is another materialistic clone in this capitalistic American society. Get some fucking balls about your self and stand up for something. The man is promoting social change that deivates from the idea that you need to hold some false pervertedly gaudy image to be somebody in this country. Im sick of you surface ass people. Give the man props for attempting to represent something decent and wholesome to families. Besides, if you didn’t come from struggle, you would not understand his point of view in creating the sneakers. Instead of criticizing, go put on a pair and dare to be different.

  24. […] Enter Stephon Marbury’s discount designer sneakers. While some bloggers are hating saying, Starbury’s Sneakers Will Flop, I say, don’t be so fast with the doubt’s with Ben Wallace to endorsing the Starbury […]

  25. homedizzle on

    these shoes are awsome. i just got me two pairs, one pair of the starbury ones and a pair of crossovers. both are super comfy and i recommend them. even though they arent 120 bucks they still get the job done and you look good wearin them. so i say everyone stop bitchin and try em yourselves.

  26. Geza on

    what bothers me is that I can’t buy them from sweden…and I wouldn’t be upset i Marbury decided that all of us runners could do without the ten-foot dick up our asses for the last 30 years or so… we actually use our gear a lot and I feel just as stupid every single year when I buy shoes that cost about 15 times more. The most amazing thing is that we are having this discussion instead of asking why we have put up with ridiculous prices for all these years.

  27. Tayvia on


    My son just bought a pair of Starberry’s and a couple of t-shirts and a pair of shorts. There were lots of people in the store buying more than one pair of shoes at a time not to mention the clothes.
    I commend Mauberry on what he’s doing and I think more celebrites should follow his lead.

  28. reginald cesar on

    it’s april 07 not even a year yet and the sneakers are selling like hot cakes what you seem to forget steve & barrys have over 250 stores that are geared towards the college student i moved here to northern cali from new york city when i came here i had all the croosovers due to i only were low tops (use to be an air force one fan) they just lost me know he have the croosover le & the surfside i just had on my green surfside at the mall yesterday & all the fellas were like dude ere u got those as i told them at steve & barrys they call the starburys also only 15.00 they went crazy now they are head to the o.c. to get them all i have to say is nike reebok adidas watch out the starburys might not take over but yall about to lose all the urban kids no they don’t have to do crazy things like selling drugs or stealing to get gear & kicks that’s what it’s really all about do u think the other sneaker companys would do this hell to the no steph you are my man just keep it coming dude

  29. Mike Zupcak on

    Someone at my landscaping job was joking he should get a pair of Starbury’s for each day of the week, so they don’t get as dirty. I hadn’t heard of them before that, and when he told me what they were, I was impressed. I researched Starburys tonight and plan on getting a pair A: to support the concept B: 14.98 is INCREDIBLY CHEAP for any sneakers.

    I feel bad for inner city kids who feel they have to spend what little money they have on expensive (and ugly, IMHO) clothes/jewlery because society and the media tells them they’re square if they don’t.

  30. Mike Zupcak on

    Rochester there’s a Steve & Barry’s in Irondequoit, for anyone looking for ‘Burys

  31. sweet daddy on

    hello and you should be ashamed of yourself , i think that this is a good thing for people who have kids and even for single men you can have a pair of reliable shoes at a reliable price… some inner-city area youth need a good looking reliable shoe that is affordable and this is it…Thanks Mar-Mar for the next best stars…starbury”s that is…………………Hollywood

  32. joe on

    were do can u buy ur sneakers marburry i am lookin al over and i cant find one single store that sells ur soes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please help me out and email me a store were i can buy ur sneakers.Thank you so much………………………….

  33. Richard on

    I think the starbury’s are tight. I haven’t bought a pair yet because I can’t find it, but when I do I’ll be sure to buy 5 pairs. It save me money and it’s $15 a pair, you gotta love it. I make enough money to buy 5 pairs of jordan a week cormforably but I choose these because I want to support Stephon Marbury.

  34. B-Esq on


    The posting “Starbury’s Sneakers Will Flop” is a ridiculous prediction. If the “writer” was a true fan of Starbury he would have held his breath and waited before posting his foolish “thoughts”.

    You are right, the Starbury’s are tight. The Starbury collection is only sold at Steve & Barry’s (more than 250 stores in U.S.). Google “Steve & Barry’s” to find the official site. The site contains a store locator that will give you the location of the nearest store.

    The Starbury sneakers are very fashionable, don’t be surprised if you buy 10 pairs. Like you, I also make good money (the Esq. is real) but why spend $100+ dollars on a sneaker? Shoes and a business suit are a different story.

    I have purchased nike, asics, reebok and fila sneakers. The Starbury sneakers feel the same and look just as good (actually a little better). The Starbury brand also consists of clothing: jeans, shorts, t-shirts, caps, polo tops, short sleeve shirts, sweaters and sweat suits. Everything is affordable and everything looks good.

    I live in N.Y.C. and visit the Steve & Barry’s located in Manhattan Mall. I have observed people of every age (the kids love it), race and ethnicity purchase Starbury foot wear and clothing. It is amazing.

  35. Sammy on

    sooo, what is everyone think now, now that these sneakers are selling like Hotcakes through NYC ??? And they are that hot in NYC, it will only spread as a constant trend through the other markets. Has a good idea, has a good purpose, it’s enlightening to see that the good is getting positive feedback from everyone. Stop hating, Starbury’s are flyer than Ug-jordon’s

  36. delores mcglothin on

    Praise God almight you have truly been touched

  37. delores mcglothin on

    Praise God almight you have truly been touched
    by the Lord Jesus Christ. By sharing your wealth
    with the entire world.

  38. BRANDY on


    AGE 13
    CALIFORNIA 91306

  39. BRANDY on



    AGE :13

  40. B-Esq on


    The new line of Starbury sneakers that came out April 1, ’07 is incredible. The new line IS made in different colors and designs. Google and the home page will have a link to the Stephon Marbury (Starbury) site at the bottom. The site features the entire line of sneakers.

    The Starbury sneakers are only sold at Steve & Barry’s (some are being sold by people on e-bay). The STORE price is only $14.98. When you check the official Steve & Barry’s home page, you will see a link to the store locator, which has a map of the United States. Click on your state w/the mouse and all the location of the Steve & Barry’s stores in Cali. will be displayed.

    Starbury also has a great line of clothing – all under $20.00.

  41. B-Esq on


    There are 10 Steve and Barry’s stores in California:

    – Los Angeles
    – Buena Park
    – Ontario
    – Santa Maria
    – Orange
    – Culver City
    – San Diego
    – Palm Desert
    – Carlsbad
    – West Covina

  42. RayRay562 on

    These shoes are sick,for 15 bucks I have 8 pairs and counting .I do own Jordan’s Kobe’s and others.These are just as comfortable and good looking the Crossover’s are sweeet.Ive bought pairs for everyone. Starbury’s get much love in the Long Beach Cali(LBC)Only complaint finding the shoes in my sz 14,every store you go there sold out.Looking forward to the Ben Wallace shoe.Thanks Steph

  43. B-Esq on

    10 pairs and counting.

  44. Big B-Ball Player on

    Holy shit those shoes are tight, i heard about them and thought they wouldnt even look that tight and then i saw them. They are made of any other kind of material like Jordans or any other shoe is. im planning on buying 4 pairs of them so i can have 4 pairs of shoes to match outfits. What would you rather do, spend $120 on a pair of Jordans or spend $120 on 8 pairs of Starbury’s.

  45. Been There on

    There is something to this “movement” or whatever you want to call it. I like the sneakers personally. I bought 2 pairs of white on white air force ones within the past 20 days and when I found out that I could get a pair of Starbury Crossovers that looked just like them for $15 I was on it. I remember not being able to afford a pair of kicks when I was young and that sh*t sucked. I also remember not too long ago I ran into two shorties that spent thier entire two week check on a pair of kicks and a shirt. They were happy as hell to spend it too. Damn shame if you ask me, they have thier new nikes stompin through the hood and don’t even realize how jacked up the situation is. F nike….I think my love affair with the air force one’s is officially over. To touch on a point that someone made though, I think the fact that you can’t get them just anywhere actually helps them out. They are $15, imagine how flooded the market would get. Everyone can’t wear the same kicks thats part of the reason Nike controls what they put out. You fella’s buy what you want, all I ask is that you don’t bash them. There are alot of kids out there that are breathing a silent breath of relief because of these damn shoes. Maybe somewhere down the road what shoes you wear wont be so damn important. Imagine that. F#ckin status symbols and we were all broke, atleast thats how it was when I was coming up. Its a damn joke…Regardless of his motives its about damn time someone is making some headway in turning down the volume a few notches in that Beverly Hills laughter.

  46. gilly gil on

    them sneaker is ugly ass hell big ass star sybmols.
    all them color make stephen marbury look gay. oh yeah my friend willy look like a horse.but he alway wear your sneaker he sneaker size is 25foot

  47. Nicholas Stewart on

    Because there was only 3 Steve & Barry’s in the state of GA and it was actually easier to drive to Alabama 2 hours away that a location near me in GA, purchased my sneakers through Just easier to have them come to me than for me to drive to them.

    I have over 13 pairs now!

  48. MarvKay on

    I was happy to see a diverse selection of athletic shoes available for my children, and at a reasonable rate. We took a day trip and enjoyed shopping in Georgia for this line. Good choices! Better prices as school will start in a few weeks, and we are trying to make the clothing budget stretch….

  49. Tia on

    I am glad that Stephon Marbury’s has made a sneaker that is more affortable. For years I have look for deal in order to afford to get each child 2 pairs of each. So your thumbs up in my book Stephon & keep up the good work. God Bless.

  50. Amy on

    For years I have been so turned off by Nike (and other companies) blatently selling over-priced shoes b/c of a celebrities name. I will not buy anything from that company b/c I do not believe in supporting marketing ploys that result in kids being killed for their shoes. It’s disgusting and people should put an end to this trend by not buying their products.

    Finally, it’s nice to see a celebrity being reasonable and trying to change the trend. I myself would buy a pair (I’m a bargain shopper) and hope his company succeeds, even if they aren’t making the ridiculous profits Nike makes. I applaud his efforts and wish him success.

  51. Cara on

    When I heard about this for the firt time on The Rachel Ray Show I couldn’t say enough good things about it. I told everyone I know about this basketball player who is using his reputation for something good and to help lower income families. I hope to get mine and some for my whole family online SOON!!!! GOD BLESS STEPHAN MARBURY AND EVERYONE WHO IS HELPING HIM MAKE STARBURY SNEAKERS FOR EVERYONES BUDGET.

  52. Marq on

    2,256,463 and counting…

  53. Boricua on

    Hey, to them people that have dope and drug money to buy really great gear: F*U# Yo@, reason behind that is that I’m just making it, with rent, lease on my car, food bills, etc….doesn’t leave enough for high class gear, which I can’t afford anyway.

  54. Boricua on

    Back to the point: Steve and Barry’s is just what I can Afford and “still look fly!” You can look at it this way, If I look good for the lady’s, while you look like (SH*T)sugar-honey-ice-tea, that all I need. To get the girl, and make you look the fool!
    Now don’t get me wrong, now and then, I would spend a little extra on somebody’s name brand, but what I notice was that, just with cars, kitchen equipment, tools, and clothes they looks great when [(now here the key): for those of you that are listening],THEY ALL WEAR OUT! So why not buy something that if it does wear out toss and keep going, or doesn’t cause you to spent less on things that really matter, while you look great for the ladies, at the same time keep you in check with your budget.
    Bottom line is that’ the whole point is to go to the mall, to StarBury’s Clothing Line and get some clothes that doesn’t cost the the rent money and then your thinking, ‘Damn, why I do that?’
    P.S. When he (Starbury) started the “IDEA’, the stiching on some of the clothes, didn’t look or feel right, but since then the clothes are tight, the sneakers look great and the ‘Ball caps are really fly, yeah man!'(just like Authentic Collections)
    ( this little comment goes to the ‘Man’ (Steve) himself, I really like your clothes, they make me look and feel great, and it help me watch my budget, what I want to share was that they have this other clothing line, I call it Jesus wear, I think it really cool but I can’t afford it maybe you could make some?
    ( ), don’t get me wrong, I differenly never want to take anything away from jesus, but when Jesus was alive he cater to the poor, things that make you go ‘Hummmm.’ Anyway if you tink it’s an fresh idea thatneed to be look into…maybe I could start my own store..we could call it Steve, Barry and the Lord!
    Peace out!
    Boricua from da Bronx

  55. Boricua on

    Back to the point: Steve and Barry’s is just what I can Afford and “still look fly!” You can look at it this way, If I look good for the lady’s, while you look like (SH*T)sugar-honey-ice-tea, that all I need. To get the girl, and make you look the fool!
    Now don’t get me wrong, now and then, I would spend a little extra on some body’s name brand, but what I notice was that, just with cars, kitchen equipment, tools, and clothes they looks great when [(now here the key): for those of you that are listening],THEY ALL WEAR OUT! So why not buy something that if it does wear out toss and keep going, or doesn’t cause you to spent less on things that really matter, while you look great for the ladies, at the same time keep you in check with your budget.
    Bottom line is that’ the whole point is to go to the mall, to StarBury’s Clothing Line and get some clothes that doesn’t cost the the rent money and then your thinking, ‘Damn, why I do that?’
    P.S. When he (Starbury) started the “IDEA’, the stitching on some of the clothes, didn’t look or feel right, but since then the clothes are tight, the sneakers look great and the ‘Ball caps are really fly, yeah man!'(just like Authentic Collections)
    ( this little comment goes to the ‘Man’ (Steve) himself, I really like your clothes, they make me look and feel great, and it help me watch my budget, what I want to share was that they have this other clothing line, I call it Jesus wear, I think it really cool but I can’t afford it maybe you could make some?
    ( ), don’t get me wrong, I differently never want to take anything away from Jesus, but when Jesus was alive he cater to the poor, things that make you go ‘Hummmm.’ Anyway if you think it’s an fresh idea that need to be look into…maybe I could start my own store..we could call it Steve, Barry and the Lord!
    Peace out!
    Boricua from da Bronx

  56. Retro Sneakers on

    I think Nike’s are going to the retro look now for the more casual crowd. Their athletic line is ugly, but I like the retro looking ones.

  57. Ryan411 on

    I’m in South Africa, am in I.T. and earn good money but refuse to pay ridiculous prices for top name brand sneakers over here. I’ve travelled the globe and it sickens me how some US$150 shoes sell for up to US$300 over here.

    Saw Stephon on the Oprah show tonight (we’re like 6 months behind the US) so now my only thought is how do I get a pair of these over here! Hmmm… probably not gonna happen! Pity, cause we could really use them here, as the average annual salary is US$3000 and unemployment is at 40%. No, I’m not making typos…

  58. Nigel Hull on
  59. jcham001 on

    For once is it remotely possible that we as a society can articulate something that is positve for once in our lives rather than play the fool for big company merchandizing and already rich celebrities who can care less weather you or your kids eat or have a place to live as long as you have thier $150 or $200 shoes on your kids feet. Finally we have a brother who is marketing a decent quality sneaker “and the product is 60% cheaper”(G-money; New Jack City). I have six children and I was able to buy them to include myself two pair apiece and some gear for just over $200 during the sale for $8.98 a pair Unbelievable. Lets support the movement and in the mean time teach our kids its not all about the name but its about the quality, practicality and affordability. The gear and the shoes are tight, Big-ups to Marbury, Venus Williams and Big Ben Wallace. You got my support. Most Definitly!

  60. […] following is a post I found on the ‘Best Damn Sports Blog‘ (not to be confused with the show). This post was also written in 2006, yet the author I […]

  61. David on

    I love your sneakers and i wear them every day and also my cousins people in school ask me where i get them from my teachers say you are smart i like your clothes to. when i go back to get some more i will take all my friends sincerely
    age 13

  62. shamaguru lalunda on

    when i sport my starbury team’s people mistake them for jordan’s…when i rock the starbury crossover’s they automatically assume that they’re air force one’s…i correct them as much as i can and let em’ know …”NO” these joints is “STARBURY’S”!!! i love em’!!!good lookin’ out for making these sneaker’s and the whole clothing lines accessible to low to “no” income families like mines!!!my wife & daughter love the lines!!!my sun is still caught up in the “name” brand of things…i shut him out 3 games one-on-one with the “team’s”!!!he had on “jordans”, but they aint make him play like mike!!! even if they were $50 or more i would still support “starbury’s”!!! i’m old school and i’m not into all the different styles, but the “team’s” &”crossover’s” gonna get my $$$ everytime!!! age 37

  63. Jedi Knight on

    I know this is an old article. But I will comment.

    I had worn Nikes and Reeboks and I SWEAR BY THESE SHOES. The Starbury 1, 2, and Team are very good quality for daily wear and normal activities.

    I had expensive Jordans Team Strong (I think) was the last pair of Airs I had. The Starbury’s are equally comfortable, and after months of wear they don’t rip and the soles tear from the upper part of the shoe, like other cheap footwear normally would. The price is unbeatable.

    Steve and Barry’s has the sale currently on for 4 months now, ‘Everything in store $8.88 or Less’, meaning you can get two pairs for less than $20. Cannot beat them.

  64. Rich on

    I get a kick out of the bad press, if they suck so bad how come you cant find these at Steve and Barry’s in the popular sizes…

    I have bought many pairs for my 16 year old son and a couple pairs for my 14 girl. They are durable and last until you can wear out the soles. I live in phoenix so selection is scarce at the only store in town but these shoes are a great deal. Steve and Barry’s has hooked me, I stop at one where ever I visit.

    Steve and Barry’s is moving merchandise, stop by and you will see, the clothes are top notch!!

    I can buy two pairs of shoes for the price of an air jordan tee.

  65. Nicholas Stewart on

    I’d love to see a retraction from the author on this article.

    No way he can still believe the sneaker has flopped.

  66. Andrew Dawson on

    They just need more colors to choose from and they will be iight

  67. JMC on

    Haha, this idiot thinks the sneaker flopped.

    Let me tell you something.
    These shoes are getting kids off the streets and on the courts every day. Not everyone is like you, not everyone “wants to spend 200 dollars on shoes”. Are you crazy? NOBODY wants to spend that much. And who cares about how big of a star he is. The shoes are decent, the shoes look okay, the shoes sell at an amazing price. Isn’t that all that mattered?

    If you were a kid living on the streets and your parents barely had any expendable income for you, but you really loved basketball, and on the shelves all you see are 200 dollar Lebrons or Jordans, what would you do?
    I praise Stephon Marbury for making this initiative. He really knows the people, and that not everybody, or even anybody besides this stupid writer, WANTS to spend 200 plus dollars on shoes.

    This is coming from a 15 year old kid whose life was saved by this brand and basketball itself.

  68. Mr. Tee on

    “Chuck Taylor’s” by Converse was the best we could buy in New York back in the 50’s & 60’s for about the same price. GOD BLESS “STEPH” and the entire Marbury clan, especially Mom & Dad.

  69. Ray on

    Skippy’s they cost $14.99, skippy’s they make your feet feel fine, skippy’s come get ur skippy’s come get ur skippy’s ur skippy’s 2 day!!! Seriously that was the song used to tease the kid who couldn’t afford the Converses or Pro keds. U buy ur kid Starbury 10’s he’s still gonna b da joke on da block. Good intention’s so just buy them 4 really young kid’s. One

  70. NJim on

    The Starbury brand is stronger than ever. Steve & Barry’s closed down but you can purchase Starbury sneakers as well as apparel on There is also a section on there called “mall” where soon if you have something you want to sell, you can sell it on his website since it is hosted by Also word has it that the Starbury stores are going to be coming out in the near future. Excellent work Steph, keep it up!

  71. Starbury Tennis Shoes Sneakers on

    […] […]

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