Tony P. Dropping a Rap Album

The self-titled album will have an R&B-infused hip hop sound, according to Parker is signed to a label called Music One, which was started last year.

Well, he’s got a couple scars on his face so that might help with street cred. I’m seeing a weird combination of Loon and Craig David, spliced with Pepe Le Pew’s skeevy charm.

I’m just hoping he raps about menage a trois and says “bitches and hoes” – in French or English – enough times on enough tracks to piss the NBA off.

Lemme know if I should make up a mock verse for one of his songs.


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  1. Spicy Salsa...oh so Spicy on


    “I got a desperate housewife bitch named Eva
    She sucks a good dick so I swear I’ll never leave-ah”

  2. Loren on

    LMAOOO @ Spicy and that Loon reference. Haven’t heard that name in a while.

    I feel like I am the only person grossed out by him and Eva Longoria. UGH. They won’t last.

  3. SJH on

    Thanks for kicking it off, Spicy. I’ll do a few bars…

    You think I’m cute? Oh, You don’t say, ma
    Ladies know Tony got that je na sais quoi
    Ask Eva how I take it to the hole & penatrate
    Only playa in the game you can never hate
    See, I’m a baller, you can tell when I spend
    Tony P. from Paris, baby, crème de la crème
    Girls hear my song, make their boom-boom clap
    Fans chant my name and do the “boom boom clap”
    I’m an All-Star, so all cars sit on 26’s
    So what I’m engaged, I chill with 20 bitches

    ^ I might add more tomorrow. I got homework to finish (kids, do like Kanye and drop outta school).

    Loren, last I heard of Loon was from Jim Jones. He was saying that he ran into Loon in Atlanta and dude was driving a Mazda and selling Boost Mobile phones (Boost Mobile, haha). He might be another one Diddy did dirty on the contract.

    You’re grossed out by them? I don’t think she’s all that, but I don’t make much of it. And of course it won’t last. When’s the last time one of them flings did? Shit, I’m surprised Jay & Beyonce have been together for going on 4 years. I guess it’s cuz she still hasn’t seen his face yet. That or his **** game proper.

  4. Spicy Salsa on

    LMAO @ your Tony lyrics. Maybe u should ghost write for him

  5. SJH on

    Thanks. I wouldn’t consider those bars strong (cuz I’m mad nice wid it when I’m in my zone, shawty), but it’s probably better than what he’s got. The Post did a quick critique of the album:

    “…he’s heard bragging in French about his lavish lifestyle. Some of the less-than-impressive lyrics translate as: ‘What, you want to dance? No, it’s not worth it. Me, I’ll stay on the sofa, enjoying the vibe by raising my arms.'”

    Enjoying the vibe by raising his arms. He was trying to slip a fast one by the American public. Because 90% of us opted for Spanish in 10th grade instead French (and we didn’t learn more than the basics in that, anyway), Tony figured he could sneak some bullshit lyrics past and we’d just nod our heads to the beat. Well, unfortunately, a lot of English-speaking rappers do that shit, too.

  6. Idetrorce on

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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