Akon Auditioning For WWE

Well, this man obviously doesn’t like being embraced by the mainstream. First he got in trouble for dry-humping a 15-year-old preacher’s daughter on stage at a concert in April. Granted, it was an 18+ club that she sneaked into so he assumed she was legal. But this time, he’s body-press tossing what looks to be a skinny teenager off stage. Granted, the kid threw something at him during the performance, but he overreacted. Akon asked the audience to point out the perpetrator then had his security guards grab him. As the young’n was hauled to the stage, the singer removed his chain and shirt – and the ladies screamed and swooned – then went Brock Lesnar on the kid. A simple punch to the gut would’ve sufficed (in my book), but he picked him up and hurled him into the crowd. Expect a lawsuit to be filed by the punk and some of the people he might’ve landed on.

Stupid, stupid move. You don’t heave a whiteboy off stage at a concert and not suffer the repercussions. Different story if there’d been a mosh pit around. But there wasn’t. And Verizon, whom Akon had signed on to do VCast commercials for, can’t be too happy about this.


4 comments so far

  1. Drew on

    Haha, this was at Dutchess Stadium where the Renegades play. Too funny.

  2. Spicy Salsa...oh so Spicy on

    LMAO! How stupid can Akon be? **smh** Some people just have to find out things the hard way.

  3. Loren on

    what is wrong with this guy???? First I thought it was fake but they identified the boy. Dumbass.

  4. SJH on

    If you remember the Rick James skit on Chappelle’s Show: “They should’a never gave [this nigga] money!”

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