Allison Stokke Collage

We (you and I) don’t care about high school poll vaulting, but we all like cute 18-year-old girls, and that’s the purpose of this post and the new “For the Pervs” category. I put “18” in bold so the soapboxers (and middled-aged mothers in Iowa) can’t wave the finger at us.

Allison Stokke, as I’m sure most of you already know, is a high school poll vaulting star from Newport Beach, Calif. whose popularity has risen immensely in recent months – like the penises of males in the 14 to 65 demographic who Google her name at 2 0’clock in the morning. And I’m guessing there’s a connection. And there’s no Kournikova in her game: she won a state title in 2004, has broken five records and earned a scholarship to the University of California. So, of course, men have been stalking her online and her MySpace – now set to private – was bombarded with, we assume, dirty comments and requests. It’s gotten to the point where her father thinks she’s being stalked and Allison has begun searching for media consultants.

BDSB won’t stalk her, but I’ll give you this:

I’d just like to add that if you get an erection from these pictures, you’re a sicko. Or you don’t know any good porn sites.


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  1. Drew on


  2. SJH on

    But I didn’t ask if you’d hit that yet.

  3. Drew on

    You didn’t need to ask.

  4. Drew Sr. on

    Couldn’t leave her alone huh. Everyone’s jumping on her. Hmmm.

  5. SJH on

    An hour after posting that, I got 53 search engine hits just off her name. The meat-beaters are after her in full force.

    I don’t get it, though. With all the porn and modeling sites out there, why are men so fixated on her? You see hotter chicks in person.

    “Everyone’s jumping on her.”
    Only in their heads…late at night, with a paper towel handy.

  6. Drew on

    Hear that, MM? We should just type her name on our blogs. That’ll increase attention.

  7. Drew Sr. on

    It’s a cheap, cheap tactic…Pam Anderson Lindsay Lohan Paris Hilton..ya know..

    The fixation is a bunch of letches (sp?) going after a teenager.

  8. Loren on

    she looks like my little cousin.

  9. DW Ferrell on

    have you checked out the new TROVATA store down near Newport Harbor? Amazing…
    that’s all I’m gonna say. The styles are on point.
    There’s a simple map on their site at
    — but if you’re not from around here you might want to google this address…
    505 31st Street, Newport Beach, CA.

  10. Frank Riley on

    I am looking for a basic profile for Allison Stokke: birth date, weight height, brothers sisters names, UC Berkeley News and any other information you can provide. Send it to:

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  12. Allison on

    great photos! you have some new ones I haven’t seen before

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