Marvin Lewis

Marvin Lewis needs to shut the fuck up. Please. Every week after a loss, he talks about the selfishness of certain players and other impertinent bullshit. Some of his players might be selfish, but is that the reason his defense can’t stop anyone? I just watched Laveranues Coles break a tackle then run between two defenders for a long touchdown. When the team loses and he makes a statement like that, people (much of the media and clueless finger-pointing fans) automatically think, “Chad Johnson is tearing the team apart with his antics.” I disagree with that. And even if his 5-second post-TD slapstick or his whining on the sidelines does have an effect on the offense (not sure how it would, because he and Houshmanzadeh are on a record pace), what does it do to the defense? The defense has been shit since shit was being shat. Even when they went 11-5, that team was carried by the offense. Marvin doesn’t take any blame for that. And I mean, it’s not as if the police are being a distraction. I don’t think any Bengal has been arrested through 6 weeks. Most or all of their recent 1st round picks have been spent on defense. Has any of them paid off?

Can’t knock what he did with the Ravens, but I’ve lost a lot of respect for him this season. Blame-deflecting, red herring-pushing bitch.


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